Four Simonis generations under the spell of fish

History marks the year 1880 when grandfather Albert Simonis opened a café and smokehouse at Westeinde in The Hague. From 1935 onwards, Albert’s son Allie and his spouse Geer became a household name around the Hague market with their smoked eel. They sold thousands of pounds of eel every week.

When eel started to become less profitable, partly due to catch limitations, Allie’s son Herman opened a fish shop together with his grandparents on Markthof in 1966. In 1978, this fish shop made way for a completely new establishment on the renovated Markthof.

Two years later, in 1980 to be more precise, the Simonis family opened a new shop at the harbour. It started out as a small shop, but after a few renovations it has now become an ultramodern combination of a fish shop and a seafood restaurant that can accommodate approximately 300 guests indoors, and 120 more outdoors.

Beachclub Simonis aan Zee was opened in 2001. After conquering the market, the city and the harbour, the fourth Simonis generation now targets the beach at Scheveningen. In 2002, an establishment was opened on the boulevard.

In 2013, a new, ultramodern, stylish luxury restaurant was opened at the second inner harbour named Catch by Simonis. This large restaurant can accommodate approximately 450 guests.

Encore by Simonis opened its doors in 2017. It is located at the former fish market and offers a wide range of fish and meat. Encore is not just about top-quality food and drinks, it's also about service and a special experience. A perfect night out.